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Founded in 1834, New Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church is proud to be a part of the religious community of the Saucon Valley area for 182 years. Our heritage is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. New Jerusalem shares the Gospel and supports one another as we live out our faith throughout our daily lives.


The earliest data we could obtain is taken from a deed for one acre and eight perches of land dated June 17, 1791. In the body of the deed we found the following: "In accordance with a certain instrument, which John Apple and his wife made December 8, 17 83 for the use of a school, for the maintenance and support of a school, and in repairing and maintaining their lot and house of public worship, grounds and schoolhouse or houses and other tenants," further, "There is erected on said lot of land a dwelling house, which has been for a number of years an accustomed schoolhouse and it shall be forever, and remain such the only use for the neighborhood and behoof of them forever."

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