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Pastor Lauren's August 2019 Inspiration, Church Council Connection, and Mr. Phil Diaz' Music Corner

July 30, 2019

May God fill you will his New goodness everyday in 2019 and may the love of Jesus overflow from you to others throughout the year!


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Sisters, brothers, and siblings in Christ,


This summer during worship, we are looking at one of the readings from each week in a new way, in hopes that God’s grace and abundant love may be revealed anew!


We recently reflected on the story of Mary and Martha.  Martha:  The host and welcomer of Jesus and his followers, moved to provide and work for the benefit of others.  Mary:  Moved to sit, pray, listen and learn from the stories of Jesus’s ministry.  Each is serving Jesus in their own way, neither is able to take away the fulfillment and holiness of the other’s experience.  The good news we experience in this story is that there will be times when we are called to sit, listen, and pray at Jesus’s feet, and other times we are called to act, move, and provide for the benefit of our neighbors.  Both experiences are holy. Both are necessary and vital to the life of individuals and communities of faith.


Over the past two years, since we have begun worshiping as one congregation, we have spent time living into our new normal, listening to the stories and experiences of our past, and allowing them to shape how we proceed, trusting that God continues to journey with us.  In many ways, I feel that our congregation has spent this last season acting similar to Mary; intentionally learning, listening, and experiencing the holy in a new way as a new community.


Recently I have noticed a stirring within the community and within me to enter into a more active role of serving in our community.  There have been great efforts through our congregation to feed and provide for families and individuals in Saucon Valley, to teach and provide space for young children to learn and grow in the Preschool, to accompany residents of the Weston Nursing Home, to feed the hungry in Quakertown, and many more projects.  I feel as if there is still something more that God is calling us to in this season of Martha-esque action and service.  The beauty and awe-inducing reality of a stirring such as this is its shape and direction can only be figured out through prayer, conversation, and investment from you!


If you are feeling like we are entering a “Martha season” too, or are simply interested in finding out more about how we can be of service by supporting our current efforts and/or organizing additional opportunities, I invite you to join me for one of two Martha Meetings.  Let’s gather to talk and wonder how we can continue to respond to the needs of our neighbors both near and far!




Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.


Sunday, September 8, 2019 following the "God's Work, Our Hands" service project


Peace to you in Christ Jesus,

Pastor Lauren Applegate



+ + + + + + +








 Greetings from your New Jerusalem “Apples” Church Council. 


Congregation members are invited to attend Church Council meetings as spectators.  Our meetings run 7:00–9:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month.  If you have a question or concern that you want addressed at a council meeting, please notify me by Sunday of that week or place it in the question box located in the Narthex.  Of course, you can always share your thoughts and concerns with any current council member and ask them for help as well.  As your Church Council President, I am available by email to or call 610-216-1016.


The Church Council officers for 2019 are: 

  • President:  Marianne Zellner 

  • Vice President:  Pat Leith

  • Recording Secretary:  Barbara Young (Non-Council Member)

  • Treasurer:  Terry Ravier

  • Council Members:  Sharon Bender, Glen Campbell, Kathy Fenstermacher, Cindy Hart,
    Pat Leith, Tina McCardle, Terry Ravier, Jere Reiss, Marianne Zellner, Cindy Ziegler


To each of you, may God direct your paths as you serve your term(s) on the 
Church Council and as a liaison to the various committees of
New Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church.



August 2019 Summary


 The Church Council took a month’s hiatus for the July meeting.  It’s always a good idea to use our time wisely and to make time to take a break when needed.  We will meet as scheduled for August.


As always, I ask for your continued prayers for all the council members and all those in leadership positions for this congregation.


Peace be with you, 

Marianne Zellner, Council President  



Council Question Box

No questions this month.


+ + + + + + +


Endowment Committee News


 2019 Fall Endowment Grant Applications will be available in the church office, Endowment mail box, in September.  Deadline for applications is Sunday, October 6, 2019.



Mission & Ministry Endowment Fund 2019 fall grant amount is $1,901.


Remember that per policy, the use of these funds must fall into one of the following ministry areas:  

+  Mission:  Local, regional and world projects

+  Education:  Higher education and continuing education expenses

+  Youth:  Support for youth of all

+  Worship and Music:  Support for the worship of the church

+  Capital Projects:  Major renovations and building of new facilities for the church



Property Endowment Fund 2019 Fall Grant amount is $12,600.


Remember that per policy, the use of these funds must fall into one of the following property areas:

+  Maintenance; General Upkeep

+  Restoration

+  Repairs

+  Capital Project

+  Equipment Purchases

+  Property Acquisition



Christian Education Endowment Fund 2019 Fall Grant amount is $510.


Remember that per policy, the use of these funds must fall into one of the following property areas:·

+  Sunday Church School

+  Vacation Bible School

+  Christian Youth Activities

+  Adult Christian Education

+  Teacher's Education



Fund balances as of July 15, 2019


Mission & Ministry Fund:    $108,316.73

Property Fund:                     $269,774.29

Christian Education Fund:  $ 51,742.04

TOTAL:                                  $429,833.06


Endowment—The gift that keeps on giving.


See any Endowment Committee member, if you have questions.

Tim Frey, Chairperson; Russ Pacala Jr, Vice Chairperson; Tina McCardle; and Drake Britzenhoff.


+ + + + + + +



What is Mutual Ministry at New Jerusalem?  Did you know that there is a Mutual Ministry Committee here at New Jerusalem?


Mutual Ministry is loosely defined as the interaction between the pastor, professional staff, Church Council, and the congregation to foster communication and support between these three groups.  Typical tasks of the Mutual Ministry Committee include providing a listening ear to each group and a means to interact in a confidential way to resolve issues that may arise between, and within, each group.  The committee also assists Church Council in conducting an annual performance review of the Church’s professional staff, as well as providing input into creating and revising employee job descriptions. 


Currently, this committee is comprised of three members (Tina Miller, Tina Young, and Tim Fulmer) who are appointed to serve a three-year term as approved by the Pastor and Church Council President.  The committee is currently seeking additional members, so any interested members of the congregation are invited to contact Pastor Lauren; Church Council President, Marianne Zellner; or any current Mutual Ministry Committee member for more information. 


Any member of the congregation that desires to seek assistance from the Mutual Ministry Committee may do so by contacting a member of the committee to arrange a meeting with the committee to discuss issues dealing with interactions with pastor/professional staff, Church Council, and/or other members of the congregation.  All contact with the Mutual Ministry Committee is kept confidential between the parties involved in the issue; and the hopeful outcome of this process is to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of all parties.


+ + + + + + +





 Mr. Phil Diaz' Music Corner 


Music has always played a pivotal role in Phil's life. Success at the PMEA District, Region and State Chorus festivals motivated Phil to pursue vocal studies at the collegiate level.  Studies at The University of The Arts, The Boston Conservatory, and East Stroudsburg University have only strengthened his musical foundation.  He has performed with the Pennsylvania Lyric Opera, Amici Opera, Boston Conservatory Opera Studio, Philly Pops, and at Northampton Community College.  Phil has extensive conducting and music directing experience having directed ensembles at The University of the Arts, Northampton Community College, Pennsylvania Youth Theatre, and Northampton Area High School.  Many of his vocal students have successfully auditioned into music programs at DeSales, Muhlenberg, Ithaca, Northwestern, The New England Conservatory and Manhattan School of Music.  Phil is a proud member of The National Association of Teachers of Singing, Lehigh Valley Arts Council, and The Nazareth Bath Regional Chamber of Commerce.  In his spare time, Phil enjoys reading, working out, and traveling.  Phil is very excited to be a part of New Jerusalem community and looks forward to a great year!






All are welcome ~ Please join us for choir practice

on Monday evenings at 6:30 p.m. which will resume in the Fall.






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