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Here's your sign.

August 15, 2018


Siblings in Christ,


I had to laugh out loud when a member of our community handed me the pictured sign. It is a timely prayer that I have uttered myself numerous times, asking that God clearly mark the path forward that is best for the growing community of New Jerusalem. I am sure I am not alone in this desire for fool-proof directions for the path ahead, nor in the fear from which this desire stems.


This fear of not knowing where to go, and a fear of making the wrong choice is real and can truly create a lot of anxiety. This fear and anxiety can be so strong that we decide to not make any changes, and to stay right where we are simply reacting to the changes happening around us, instead of making choices and changes in order to prepare for the path ahead. Even worse, this anxiety and fear can make us want to go back to where we have been instead of continuing to move forward.


Unfortunately, God doesn’t work with refrigerators, guard dogs, and the like. There are not definite markers telling us which way to go and which ways to avoid. Fortunately, God does work through people’s words and wonderings. God works through our experiences and our times of meditation, prayer, and reflection. God works through conversations in groups and in our relationships with one another. God works through community and through the leaders they have chosen. It is through these collaborations that we are able to discern or decide which changes and choices will make the best route forward for us as a community.


In the weeks and months ahead, many of the choices and changes that we have prayerfully made regarding the life of our community will come into being. We hope to complete our merge between Christ Lutheran Lower Saucon and New Jerusalem by early fall. Before long we look to hire our new Music Director to aid in leading our worship and song. We look forward to finalizing the sale of the Christ Lutheran property, and starting and completing the projects to celebrate our now shared history. Each of these are doors through which we have chosen to pass. Thankfully, we will step across these thresholds together, and with God’s love upholding and supporting us through whatever awaits on the other side.


Peace in Christ Jesus,

Pastor Lauren



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