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Pastor Lauren's August 2018 Inspiration, the Church Council Connection, and Music Director Search

July 30, 2018

Siblings in Christ, 


I wanted to take a moment this month to say, Thank You!


Thank you to all who helped keep me and my family fed over my maternity leave!


Thank you for all the cards and gifts celebrating Marcus' arrival!


Thank you for your prayers for Marcus.  We are thankful for his clean bill of health.


Thank you for continuing to support me as your pastor.


Thank God for this awesome community and for all God has done through us!


As it says in one of our Vacation Bible School (VBS) songs this year:


Everything I have I owe it all to you,

For everything you are and all you do, Lord.

I could write a book, fill every single page

With a million reasons.

Thank you, Lord.


Peace in Christ Jesus,

Pastor Lauren Applegate



+ + + + + + +








Greetings from your New Jerusalem “Apples” Church council.  Congregation members are invited to attend Church Council meetings as spectators.  Our meetings run 7:00–9:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month.  If you have a question or concern that you want addressed at a council meeting, please notify me by Sunday of that week or place it in the question box located in the Narthex.  Of course, you can always share your thoughts and concerns with any current council member and ask them for help as well.  As your Council President, I am available by email to or call 610-216-1016.


The Council officers for 2018 are: 

  • President:  Marianne Zellner 

  • Vice President:  Bill Young

  • Secretary:  Barbara Young

  • Treasurer:  Jesse Hart

  • Council Members:  Glen Campbell, Greg Frederick, Pat Leith, Tina McCardle, Ron Miller, Terry Ravier, Tami Welch, Cindy Ziegler


July 2018 Summary


This summer has been very busy in so many ways.  We are so happy to have Pastor Lauren back. 


There has been a lot of property work done including the parking lot lights, some repainting of parking lot lines, air conditioning added to the preschool and conference rooms, as well as replacing the church door at the ramp.


Interviews for the Music Director position are happening and will be concluded within the next week. 


And I have to report that as I write this article, we are in the middle of Shipwrecked Vacation Bible School with 65 students and about 40 volunteers.  What a week it has been!  I will report more in next month's newsletter. 


I hope amidst all of this busyness, you are taking some vacation time or at least enjoying the summer while it is here.  Stay cool and safe!


Peace be with you, 

Marianne Zellner, Council President 



Council Question Box

No questions this month.


+ + + + + + +


Music Director Search ~ New Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church seeks qualified candidates to fill the vacant position of Director of Music.  Candidates must exhibit proficiency in playing the piano, and be willing to learn and play the organ, if not already proficient.  The successful candidate will exhibit passion, energy, and enthusiasm in performing assigned tasks. Responsibilities include providing musical accompaniment during worship services; rehearsing, leading, and teaching large groups with varying abilities, including choirs and musical ensembles; and collaborating with the Pastor, other worship leaders and committees to complete administrative tasks and develop an appropriate and meaningful worship experience.  Weekly 9:00 a.m. Sunday Service, Monthly 6:00 p.m. Saturday Service, 100 AWA, 1 Choir. Continuing Education money available. 


Submit letter of interest, resume, and salary expectations to church office at:

New Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church

3233 Apples Church Road, Bethlehem, PA 18015; 610-838-0731 (phone)


+ + + + + + +


Endowment Committee News ~ At their May meeting, the congregation council approved the recommendations of the Endowment Committee for the 2018 Spring Grant applications.  Congratulations to the following ministry areas:


Mission & Ministry Fund

Couples retreat                                                           $  300.00

New computer                                                            $1,500.00

2018 Faith-A-Poolaza                                                 $  960.00


Property Fund

Property Committee Steeple Fund Loan                    $3,500.00

Property Committee Outside Lighting                        $3,160.00


Christian Education Fund

Sunday School / Vacation Bible School                     $1,032.00


This was an exciting year for the Endowment Committee.  To have so  many viable grant applications speaks to the work this congregation is doing.


Endowment—The gift that keeps on giving!


2018 Fall Endowment Grant Applications will be available in the church office this September.


Mission & Ministry Fund fall amount is $2,240.00

Remember that per policy, the use of these funds must fall into one of the following ministry areas:


Mission:  Local, regional and world projects

Education:  Higher education and continuing education expenses

Youth:  Support for youth of all ages

Worship and Music:  Support for the worship of the church

Capital Projects:  Major renovations and building of new facilities for the church


Property Endowment Fund fall amount is $5,607.00

($3,500.00 is earmarked for the Steeple Fund / Boiler Loan)


Remember that per policy, the use of these funds must fall into one of the following property areas:


Maintenance; general upkeep



Capital Project

Equipment purchases

Property acquisition


Christian Education Fund fall amount is $1,371.00

Remember that per policy, the use of these funds must fall into one of the following property areas:


Sunday Church School

Vacation Bible School

Christian Youth Activities

Adult Christian Education

Teacher's Education


If you have any questions, please see any Endowment Committee member:


Tim Frey, Chairperson

Russ Pacala Jr, Vice Chairperson

Tina McCardle

Mike Gerstenberg

Drake Brintzenhoff


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