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Pastor Lauren's July 2017 Inspiration and the Church Council Connection

June 30, 2017

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 


We are wrapping up another year’s Vacation Bible School at New Jerusalem!  Thank you to all have been a part of the running and preparation for this week of fun and learning with the young people of our and surrounding communities!  God is at work through this fun and high energy week, and it has been a gift to be part of it. 


Our theme this week at VBS was Hero Central: discover your strength in God!  We have spent our time talking about heroes God has sent and empowered to spread God's love through word and action.  We have learned that with God’s love, God’s heroes have heart, wisdom, courage, hope, and peace.


Through story, science, craft, snacks, and games, we explored how God is calling us and empowering us to be heroes in the world. Along the way we memorized songs, one of which is based off of Psalm 34:14b: 


Power up! Do good! 

Power up! Seek peace! 

Power up! And go after it! 


God gives us the power to do good in the world, to seek peace, and to go after what we see as God's will.  


How does God power us up?  The sacraments of baptism and communion, caring and welcoming community, through the Word of God, and in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 


So what is God empowering you to do?  What good are you doing for others?  What peace are you seeking?  What are you going after?  How is God using you as one of God’s Heroes? 


Peace in Christ Jesus, 

Pastor Lauren Applegate 



You are invited to sign up to participate in “Greet the Pastor”!  Invite Pastor Lauren into your home so that she can get to know you and your family.  Please sign up for a time that is most convenient for you, and when most people who live in your household are available.  Contact Pastor directly to schedule a time. 



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Hello from your New Jerusalem “Apples” Church Council.  In an effort to improve communication across the channels of our congregation, we have decided to provide a brief summary of what is happening at our Council monthly meetings.  Some of you might not be aware that all are invited to attend Church Council meetings, which are held every second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  Any questions or concerns should be brought to the meeting or placed in the question box located in the Narthex. Of course, you can always catch up to a current council member and ask them for help as well.  As your Council President, I am available by email to or call 610-797-8440. 


The Council officers for 2017 are: 

  • President:  Bill Young

  • Vice President: Jesse Hart 

  • Secretary: Barbara Young 

  • Treasurer: Terry Ravier 


June 2017 Summary

Church council members continue to work hard making decisions on behalf of the congregation.  Communication is the key to success as we move forward and grow as one body of faith. I am fortunate to see and hear much of what our ministry is doing.  Wow!!  We are busy people and it warms my heart to see the abundance of caring individuals always looking for ways to help others.  Let’s keep it going and share the word.   


As we move into the summer months it’s time to recharge our batteries with rest and relaxation.  Let’s all be mindful Pastor Lauren also needs to recharge and spend quality time with her family.  Work life balance is a constant struggle for some, but especially for a Pastor.


No questions from the Narthex box this month.  Please continue to reach out with any questions or concerns.   


Peace be with you, 

Bill Young, Council President 


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